If you love the art of cinema, lets take this journey together..

When you love life, you go to the movies.

–   Francois Truffaut.

Cinema and television. Two of the most accessible means of entertainment. Two of the most influential platforms in human civilisation. But few of us deeply appreciate their art.

Lets go to the movies. Such an offhanded statement that most of us make. Still, we pay our £10 and another £6.50 for popcorn and a drink, stroll into our screens and switch off for a few hours. Perfect escapism!

For others, we drag our selves home from work in the evenings, lay in bed beaten and uninspired, and simply stare and whatever is on screen. Anything playing will suffice, so long as its NOT related to our day or work!

While for others, Netflix addiction until 4 in the morning is a norm. Its a perfect way to kill time without any serious effort or commitment!

This blog is not gonna be about these three groups. NO, no one is barred from this blog. No one should be restricted from anything relating to art, ever. But this blog is a dedication. This blog – is for the Cinophile.

This blog is for everyone with a little child inside them, who knows what its like to see a giant screen light up a dark room, for the inner child who jumps in their seat at the overwhelming vibrations that can only be produced in a cinema. Fully engaged, with a large bucket of popcorn in between their legs.

This blog for that person. who arrives early, just because he doesn’t want to miss trailers. Even though all trailers release online. He understands what its like. What its like to guess the next teaser without a youtube description. To witness the sounds and images the film promises the way it SHOULD be witnessed. Not viewed on an iPhone.

This blog is for the encyclopaedic aficionado, whose speculations and predictions, for better or worse usually tend to be right.

This blog is for the searcher looking for the next life changing film.

This blog is for the artist. Who sees not just a narrative, but themes, statements and questions. Who sees not just images, but cinematography.

Yes, this blog is also for the common movie goer. This blog WILL also discuss which of the latest summer blockbusters is gonna be a dud. Which sequel you should look out for. What the biggest hit of the year is. But, hopefully, just hopefully, this blog will help transform dabblers into doers. Transform spectators, into dancers. Fans into lovers. And maybe heal some hearts along the way.

Lets go.

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