Alien: Monsters,Rape and Acid Blood

*This review contains images some may find distressing* Alien (1979) is directed by Ridley Scott and stars Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, Ian Holme,John Hurt and Harry Dean Stanton. It circles the voyage of a futuristic space merchant vessel and its encounter with a horrifying space predator onboard the ship. This is considered one of the […]

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Cleopatra. Pomp,circumstance and myth.

Cleopatra (1963) is a somewhat fictionalised narrative about the legendary Egyptian Queen, her relationships with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony and the eventual fall of Egypt to Octavian. The movie was directed by Joseph L. Mankiewkz stars Rex Harrison as Julius Caesar, Richard Burton as Mark Antony and Rowdy McDowell as Octavian. The titular role […]

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