Cleopatra. Pomp,circumstance and myth.

Cleopatra (1963) is a somewhat fictionalised narrative about the legendary Egyptian Queen, her relationships with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony and the eventual fall of Egypt to Octavian. The movie was directed by Joseph L. Mankiewkz stars Rex Harrison as Julius Caesar, Richard Burton as Mark Antony and Rowdy McDowell as Octavian. The titular role […]

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Argo: Farsi, Filming and Fooling.

Argo directed and starring Ben Affleck is the true story revolving around the 1979-1981 Iranian hostage crisis. The film centres around the Canadian/CIA mission to free six Americans seeking asylum in the Canadian ambassador’s house under the guise of making a fake movie of the same name. Such stories simply write themselves, and the obvious […]

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Heat. Still burning.

I think there’s a list of films everyone needs to see at least once in their lives. As for me, multiple viewings will do ;). That’s why flipping through Netflix yesterday, I had to revisit this classic. Heat (1995) directed by Micheal Mann starring a dream cast of Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore, Jon Voight, (a […]

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Skinheads, N-words and 2017.

In light of the recent hateful developments in Charlottesville, I thought I’d revisit this classic. *trigger warning* The film contains violent, gratuitous scenes as well as heavy swearing. American History X tells the story of white supremacist Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) and his journey from a young confused English literature student, to white supremacist leader, […]

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They made a movie…about emojis.

Sigh. The above image is best how I’d describe this disaster. The emoji movie tells the story of the ‘meh’ emoji, and his struggle to fit in because he can’t make only one face. Yes. You read that correctly. Never in my life have I witnessed a more unnecessary film.The entire film’s premise was based […]

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Dunkirk. Boats, Planes and 70mm Film.

In a world bloated with billion dollar effects laden franchises, with built in fan bases, Nolan has managed to prove that mainstream cinema can still accept old timely original films. I certainly think what sets Christopher Nolan apart other than his compelling ideas is his humble, old fashioned love of filmmaking. It takes a certain […]

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